The Basics

I’m a thirty-something year old web developer, previous teacher, and writer living in the Midwest. I love to learn, and share what I learn. I have a degree in website development, and I am a master of educational technology (my degree says that, not me).  I love social media, programming, and anything technology related.

I’m passionate about making my home efficient and organized — like a well-oiled machine. There are so many web services and apps available, and there are definitely some diamonds in the rough. Technology cannot replace the love, nurturing, and warmth that makes a home a home, but it can certainly help with mundane and perfunctory tasks.

I’m not a homeschool educator (though I know plenty of amazing people who are); I have no biological children; I am not a SAHM; and I am not today’s super religious Christian or modern feminist. I’m none of those things. My small business is seated in the metaphysical (moreso new-age), so not something most strongly religious folk would approve of.

However… I am someone who loves those in my family, loves taking care of my home, and loves each person who I encounter. I do my best each day to live a life of compassion through my family, numerous volunteer activities (including the Red Cross, hospice, an LGBT organization, and a volunteer for a domestic abuse hotline), and my personal faith. I study numerous beliefs, and I find inner peace through both my Christian faith and Buddhist philosophies.

I love sushi. I have two cats who are the best cats ever. I love me a good bloody mary. Oh. And, I absolutely love the man who was the only man ever recorded to walk on water.

Sound off in the comments, kay?

My spiritual beliefs

Since many of the older posts on my site refer to Christianity, I want to share my spiritual side — something most important to me, and to who I am.

‘I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

That quote is from a man who I admire greatly, despite his many human shortcomings.

Like many others of a religious background, I’ve witnessed the ugly side of putting complete faith in others (or, rather, everyone), though I know that the human spirit in its essence is kind and caring, but indeed imperfect.

My journey in life has led me down multiple paths, with me always returning to the ways, and beliefs, of my ancestors before me. I’ve studied most major religions and don’t discriminate against those who may have different beliefs, thoughts, or paths in life.

So, I not only like my Christ, I love my Christ. Which is why he is my leader, teacher, and more. However, I continue to study Buddhist philosophies, and even paths that honor the earth. Ultimately they all tie back to the same teachings, and I simply discard anything that go against that foundation.

Website Development and Database administration

My first real venture in creating a website was a Christian youth site that I ran for a decade. During that time I increased my knowledge of programming, web security, and community building. Mostly, since leaving there, my web development and database administration has been strictly limited to assisting and working for non-profit organizations. My love of computers started around 1997 and as technology has grown, I have grown with it. My first computer was a Commodore 64 — floppy disks and all. I taught myself DOS and BASIC and went on to learn Visual Basic and C++.


  • Computer Information Systems, A.S.
  • Website Development/ Computer Networking, B.A.
  • Educational Technology, M.S.


  • Microsoft Office
  • In progress: MySQL DBA, Zend PHP


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