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Feminine – ˈfemənən/ – adjective: having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.

So, let’s start out with… if femininity isn’t your box of charms, you are welcome to move on. No hurt here.

But, for me, I love being a woman. I don’t always show my femininity, but it’s always there. The way a woman walks, talks, looks, and charms are all a part of the femineity she brings. You don’t have to wear a ton of makeups, walk in high-heels, or wear dresses all the time — but, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing any of those things. Be you, right?

Although not exhaustive, these are some resources on bringing out who you are, and defining who you want to be. Do this to make you happy; don’t worry about others. When you love who you are, and are comfortable in your own skin, then you can let that love overflow uninterrupted and unconditionally to others. Of course, that’s all easier said than done as there are many other things to throw in the mix, but this is one step I made/make towards that direction. Inner beauty is always paramount, but if you don’t like who you are on the outside, you may have tough dealings on the inside.


There are so many different blogs out there in the blogosphere, and there have been some amazing blogs on being feminine and femininity. However, many of those haven’t been updated in quite some time. The below three have been updated with the past couple of months.

  • The Feminine Belle, previously at The Feminine Belle ( — This is one of my favorite blogs of all time. Her posts are exhaustive, thoughtful, and easy to understand. She covers every aspect of being feminine and fully explains her thoughts on why certain things are important. Not only that, but the images she has are as beautiful as the words she conveys. The major downside here is that the entirety of reading her posts aren’t free. I think when I first started reading them, they were. But, that which she leaves on the page is still valuable information. I will say, however, that I did purchase a subscription and wholeheartedly think it is worth it.
  • {The Classy Woman} : primarily focused on beauty and style, her blog has many discounts, ideas, and tips on keeping it classy.
  • The Rules Revisited: much different than the two above, this is done from a male’s perspective.

Reddit forums

Reddit is a community site with threads similar to a discussion  forum. You’ll find images, tips, questions, and advice scattered across every sub-reddit that you encounter. Those listed below are definitely geared towards being more feminine and developing that inner woman.


This little app will send you a daily notification of a quote about being feminine. It’s good encouragement and will keep you on your toes. I highly recommend setting a daily reminder for the time that you get up so that you’ll have the right mindset throughout the day.

femininedaily Feminine Daily: FEMININE DAILY brings the wisdom of Womanhood to you in a form of Mobile App, wake up every day, with Osho, Buddha & many other spiritualists, philosophers & celebrities expressing their love on womanhood! (From the developers) Android | Free

Podcasts about femininity

Both of these are thoughtfully done and comprehensive. The series is amazing and free! Subscribe to both of them and listen to them at your leisure. Highly recommended.


Your thoughts

Okay, ladies. Do you know of some others? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to check them out.