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7 fabulous apps for your night routine

What’s your night routine look like? Stressful? Calm? Busy? Chaotic?

I mean, sure, there may be having to put kids to bed, brushing your teeth, and hitting the pillow. But, do you have your routine down to a science? No? Why not?

Okay. It’s not that I do myself, but I do have a few things that help me get to that peaceful and stress-free place. You know. Of feeling prepared for tomorrow. Of feeling that I did some good things today. Oh, and just of feeling some peace altogether. I don’t stick to my plan every day, but it’s not that I’m not reminded to.

Here are some great apps to establish your routine and make your nights, and days, go that much better.


1) Fabulous Me – Android – Free


Fabulous me allows you to create a nighttime routine as goals you want to complete. It reminds you when it’s time to start those goals, and creates a log of when you complete the entries. It gives you letters (tips on goal-setting and goal ideas) and challenges. It really is a robust app and helps you develop night rituals.

What I like about this app is that it gets me to create routines and, usually, stick to them. It is well-known that if you do something for a certain amount of time then you will have the habit pretty much down pat. And, I mean, using the oil cleansing method takes time and effort! Getting things in a flow makes my life so much easier. Laying out my clothes and having them ready in the morning from the jump makes me very, very happy. Okay, not very, very, but it quite a bit. Do it, get it. Make your routine, commit to it, and see that things start moving the way you want them to.


2) Insight Timer – IOS & Android – Free


Insight Timer is a free app that provides guided meditations and a timer in a community atmosphere. You can add friends, join groups, and even see when and where others are meditating. You can be reminded to meditate per the schedule that you set.

Meditation is a period of sitting alone and being in the present. It allows you to let go of the stress of the day and get completely relaxed before bed. Insight Timer is an app that you can use to either record that time, or follow guided meditations. Kids, family, work, and all of the other responsibilities of life can be put to the side for a few minutes a day, right? Use this as a me-time activity and get the benefits of everything that comes with meditation.


3) Journey – Android – Free


Journey is a journaling app that allows you to create a very dynamic diary to capture your day-to-day life. It allows for video entries, supports social networks, can export to Word, and can even sync up with WordPress.

Journaling is one of those things that I tend to start for a while and then stop for a very, very long time. Thanks to apps like HabitBull and built-in notifications, I’ve gotten into somewhat of a routine. Journaling has been proven to help with many different ailments – and, if nothing else, is something to show your progress and evolution over time. If you can’t think of what to journal, no worries! Journey has prompts to give you something good. Of the many features there are, one of the things I love about this app is that it works both on my phone, and in my browser.  The interface is clean, beautiful, and user-friendly. A bonus being that you can set notifications – ensuring that you journal your life story every night.


4) Sleep as Android – Android – Free


Sleep as Android is a robust alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker that will ensure you get up on time and go to bed on time as well. This alarm clock can record movement and any deficient in sleep. Smart wake-up wakes you up at your optimal wake-up time based on time of sleep and your current sleeping pattern.

Now, as silly as it seems, one of my favorite features is the ideal sleep alarm clock. My phone actually tells me when I should go to bed! It is calculated somewhat magically based on how many hours I said I want to sleep, and the deficient that I’ve had over the past few days. It’s not that I listen to my nagging phone all of the time, but I get an idea of the fact that I’ll be super sleepy the next day if I don’t listen to its advice.

The sleep tracker is another magical part of the app. I place the phone next to me when I go to sleep and it tracks my movement, REM periods, and general sleep activity. The next day I can rate my sleep and review previous days. This allows me to analyze my best time to go to sleep, how much sleep I need to feel rested, and things that cause me to have disruptive sleep.


5) OffTime – Android – Free


OffTime is an app that allows you to create profiles to do specific actions on your phone. In this case, our profile would be one fitting our night routine.

With OffTime you can say things such as:

  • Through the night, only allow calls from specific people
  • Through the night, only allow me to access specific apps
  • Disable all notifications from everything except specific apps

Now, with many phones this is built-in. However, this gives you a more detailed way of doing things and is essential if you don’t have this option on your phone. Beyond that, you can use this app to create profiles for specific times of day, meetings, and just when you need to do some focused an uninterrupted work.


6) Twilight– Android – Free


Twilight is an app that adjusts the colors on your screen for better viewing at night. The colors reduce the strain on your eyes and lesson the colors that would keep you up.

Okay. So, this app makes your phone screen look pretty red and a little funky. However, after you use it for some time, that kind of just fades into the background and you get used to it. I know that I like to stay up reading various things at night so this app helps my eyes in some super awesome way. That’s it. I really can’t explain this app. Just, try it. I promise. And, if you hate the tinted screen, just uninstall!

7) Daily Yoga  – Android & IOS – Free (OR subscription plan)


Daily Yoga is a full-featured yoga app with individual sessions and programs. Each session talks you through each exercise with guidance and music (both of which can be disabled).

Like meditation, yoga is one of those things that’ll help you destress from your day. It’s in this time that you’ll have only you (and your guide) to focus on. Focus on being in the present and focus on your breathing and there is very little chance that you can focus on much of anything else. My favorite thing about this apps are the programs – one of which is specifically geared to having a good night’s sleep. Like many of the other above apps, this app has reminder notifications to let you know that it’s time for you to take action.

Know of some great night routine apps? Sound off in the comments.