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Six ways to pay for Netflix & Hulu and save your family money

While there are numerous ways to make money online, some of them are a little too much effort with too little return. I’ve done quite a few things (including Mechanical Turk) but want to spend my effort on things that will at least pay $5.00 within a short amount of time. Time is money, right? Your time is valuable, and so is mine, so here are a few of my favorite ways to pay for anything that accepts Paypal. Because of that, these are also things that pay to Paypal.

UserTesting is a service that allows you to give your input on websites and mobile devices. Pay is usually $10.00 per request though some of the shorter requests pay $3.00. All you need is the ability to record your voice and give valuable, descriptive, and detailed feedback. One request per month easily pays for a month’s subscription of Hulu or Netflix.

Mystery Shopping

Quite perhaps my favorite of the bunch, simply because a lot of jobs can be easy to do. You don’t get paid a lot (and if you get offered a lot, I’d step away from it), but you can get bonuses of anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00. If you are already going out to do something (a restaurant, grocery shopping, etc.) why not get paid a little while doing it? Visit MSPA-NA for a listing of legit companies.

Rebate Apps

Now, some of these do take some time, and they do require you to remember to actually use them! Three of my favorites that cash out pretty quick are Snap by Groupon ($20), SavingStar ($5), and Ibotta ($10). The premise is simple: go shopping, look for rebates on their app, scan your receipt/products, and get money added to your account. You’re going shopping anyway, so make some money back on the things that you buy. And, if you are a couponer like me, know that you can double up by using coupons as usual at the store, then get a rebate back as well.


Fiverr allows you to sell a product or service for $5.00. This one requires a little bit of work, quite a bit of marketing, and a smidgen of luck. There are lots of people offering great services, so how do you stand out? Deliver fast, do amazing work, and keep in communication with your clients. Do small projects that you are extremely familiar with, and upsell once you get the chance to add extras.


Like Fiverr, Etsy requires some time, and maybe a small investment. No longer does what you sell need to be a craft, but anything you can provide as a product mostly works. Like a brick-and-mortar storefront, sell products you make at the prices you choose. Since it is such a large marketplace with many sellers, I highly recommend going the route of paying for advertising — at least until you get a couple of sales, recommendations, and reviews. Don’t forget to get business cards and promote your store in your local community!


Okay, disregard what I said about mystery shopping, this is my favorite. There is no limit to places you can find on the web to write though some pay pennies for words (not worth your time).  Of those that are current and pay a good amount for articles or blogging, I like: KrazyCouponLady ($50/article), ProBloggersJobs has quite a few jobs open, and MakeALivingWriting lists sites that pay a good wage. Most, if not all, of these sites pay directly to Paypal. (Honorable Mention: Last I heard it was around $600/month.)