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How to create a coupon database – quick and easy!

In this simple tutorial I’ll show you how to create a coupon database using Google forms. You must have a Google account to create the form. Although there are some great databases online, this database is for the coupons you get from flyers, store receipts, and other places outside of your newspaper.

  1. If you don’t have one already, create a Google account.
  2. Visit and click on the red “new” button on the left.
  3. Select “Google forms”. If you don’t see the Google forms link, click on “more” and then “Google forms”.
  4. Here is where you design the fields of your form. I choose: Item, Value, Type of coupon, Store, and Expiration Date.
  5. At this point you are technically done, butthere are a few more things you should do to make your form easier to find and better to look at.
    1. At the top left, click “untitled form”. Name your form.
    2. On the sub-navigation click “change theme”, and select a theme.
  6. In that same navigation bar click “view live form”. Bookmark that page!
  7. At the top right of the live form is an edit button. Your responses will go into a spreadsheet that is automatically generated. Revisit to view both documents when needed.
  8. Done!

An example of this form can be found here: .