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25 Acts of Digital Christmas Kindness

“ Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you.” Deuteronomy 16:17

Christmas cheer, Christmas giving
Christmas cheer, Christmas giving

Although we should always demonstrate love and kindness, people are more philanthropic and giving around the holidays. Now is the time to start a new tradition – whether it be something that you do yearly, or that you plan to maintain after this month. Do something to make an impact. Do something to bring a smile to someone’s face. Now it is needed even more than usual, since so many people tend to get the Christmas blues.

Because we have the Internet – we have the ability to reach outside of our typical giving circle, give to so many others, and spread cheer. With technology, these things can be accomplished for nothing, or for very cheap.

Here are some great ways to utilize technology and spread Christmas cheer:

  1. Creating a personal online fundraising page and utilize social media and personal sites.
    1. Polaris project
    2. Red Kettle
  2. Donate money to your favorite web organization.
  3. Raise money for a local family in need.
  4. Raise money to create care packages for local homeless – include gloves, socks, blankets, baked goods, batteries, toothpaste, and other personal needs.
  5. Send evites to your friends and family and ask them to:
    1. get together to give time to your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen over the holidays.
    2. sing carols to the children at your local hospital.
    3. sing carols at a local retirement home.
    4. have a card-making party and make cards for nursing home residents.
  6. Randomly purchase things for people from Amazon wishlists.
  7. Call all of your Facebook friends that have numbers, and wish them a merry Christmas.
  8. Create and send everyone a Christmas card on your Facebook that has an address.
  9. Record your family singing Christmas carols. Burn the recording to CDs or MP3’s, and distribute to the children at your local hospital or retirement home.
  10. Creative? Create avatars, wallpaper, and other photos for your family.
  11. Leaving town (and gutsy?) allow others to rent your house or couch.
  12. Pay off a Kiva loan or completely fund someone on Gofundme.
  13. Donate online to your favorite charity.
  14. Give away gently used items on Craigslist or Freecycle.
  15. Make a YouTube video reading or acting out the Christmas story. Share the link with your social network.
  16. Write all of your email contacts an email and genuinely check in on them.
  17. Invite your distant relatives to your Christmas party by streaming the event through UStream or Google hangouts.
  18. Randomly gift a FB friend, Twitter follower, or email contact an Amazon gift card.
  19. Create your story through blogging  – your (future) grandkids will love it.
  20. Offer your time on Craigslist – help with decorations, free tutoring (because all kids love homework over the holidays).
  21. Send a thoughtful text to everyone on your phone, individually.
  22. Web designer or developer? Create a free website for an organization or company.
  23. Donate or gift old technology.
  24. Purchase cheap, but slightly used books from Amazon to donate to a local library , school, new mommies, or children in the hospital.
  25. Make random calls or texts to people to tell them hi, you love them, and Merry Christmas.

Question to you

How else can tech be used to spread Christmas cheer?